Abandoned dog adopter terrorized

For the sake of privacy I cannot post the dogs pic and the names of all involved here are changed.

Month : March 2018

A male lab was abandoned by their careless owners after 2 years. For 8 days Bruno was crying. He was frequently chased and harassed by other street dogs but with great difficulty a few dog lovers took care of him and for the night somehow kept him safe at an aunts house.

On the same night when Bruno was abandoned by his first owners ( whom I knew and are known as careless dog owners who previously left an Indian pup with jaundice to die), I was informed by the locals and I sprang into action, sending Bruno’s photos to all my contacts as Bruno wanted a home.

It is very difficult to get a home for an adult dog that too who is 2 years old and left out grieving. It was gods grace that a genuine family, 40 km away called me and took the final decision to adopt Bruno. The adopter Mark came all the way driving and reached at 9 pm. The previous owners came to know that Bruno was going to be adopted, some negative elements of society created a ruckus, and Mark was threatened and so were the dog carer in that vicinity who were looking after Bruno.

At 1 am I had to go with Mark and Shannon to lodge a police complaint against the first owners and after making a complaint, we decided to let Bruno be taken away and Mark took Bruno home as I accompanied Shannon to give her company for the night as she was shaken.

The ordeal was not over. A new twist began.

The first owners started harassing and name calling Mark from various numbers, they threatened to kill him and create more trouble, everyday I was in touch with Mark and Mark could not take it anymore as we expected them to stop the threatening. It was not an issue of money but an ego issue. Finally, I called in the animal right activists, gave them the first owners contacts and proofs, they got jacked and they stopped calling and harassing Mark.

The animal activists Officer took over and gave this couple (Bruno’ s first owners) a good slap on their faces. First of all they abandoned Bruno, after 2 years, left him grieving for 8 days and did not even bother to check on him and when Bruno found a loving family, it was a matter of their pride so they came to fight and flaunt how strong they are. They were shamed.

It was a fact that the owners were not interested in getting Bruno back, nor it was money but it was an ego issue, they thought they could act smart as Mark being a humble and genuine man feared for his family. This entire episode of adoption of an abandoned dog was horrendous. Mark was terrified as he has never met and seen such kind of people who are educated but yet so very illiterate!

This is one adoption that seriously took my sleep away for more than 2 weeks. Since the time Bruno was abandoned  and till the time the first owners stopped calling. Mark was so fed up of the threatening calls that he was ready to give up on Bruno but it was Gods grace that with the help of Animal Activists Officer, the issue was resolved and the first owners kept quiet. They had no option. They thought they could bully but in fact got themselves bullied 🙂

Mark and Bruno are a great family. He shared some pics with me and Bruno is doing well. Bruno was in a bad condition, abused and went through a lot of trauma but now Mark got him vaccinated, gave him a bath, bought skin lotions. Bruno had lot of rashes and wounds on his skin, his collar belt was so tight  that even a finger would not go between his neck and collar. His feet skin had peeled off and was rough. His hair was in bad condition. Bruno was kept tied and outside the house when he was with his first owners.

Now, Bruno has got a loving daddy who cares for him so much, has a bed of his own and is involved in everything and loves his new family. Bruno has not forgotten what his first owners did to him but Bruno has learnt a hard way to trust Mark and his new family just loves him.

It is very difficult to get a genuine person like Mark. I am still in touch with him and I do ask him about Bruno. Bruno is good he says, he has made himself comfortable and plays a lot. Mark and his family will never leave him, they care for him so much even his previous owners didn’t care. What else could I ask for? My heart is at peace and hugs to Mark and his family. God bless them.

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