Caesar gets run over

Caesar’s leg was swollen and he could not sit nor walk. At 8 pm after having a word with Dr. Dighe the best vet here in vasai west, I hired a rickshaw and carried Caesar, Gundis son to the clinic. There was a queue already and my number was 6. Dr. Dighe came by 8:30 pm and later quickly examined Caesar’s leg as he was run over by some vehicle by some careless person.

However Dr. Dighe after a thorough examination said that it was not a fracture and that the leg was swollen so he gave Caesar 2 injections and prescribed a tablet named Lasix, which i will buy tomorrow as I reached home at 10:30 pm and left Caesar at my building apartment premises. He was soon greeted by his mom Gundi and his siblings.

I rushed upstairs as I had to come down and feed my fur team who was desperately waiting for dinner. The pup Caesar has been walking around and after the injection he looks much better, I guess he has got much relief from the pain. He was happy and started jumping when I got him his dinner of boiled chicken and rice, he ate happily. Looking forward to his complete recovery.



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