Be their Voice

If you see anyone within your premises or anywhere pelting stones or teasing dogs, kicking them on purpose, harming them or bringing them any discomfort, gently confront them and educate them. Tell them twice. If they don’t listen and do it on purpose, make sure you have photos, videos, audio or video recordings and witnesses, in case if you have to make a police complaint against the animal abuser. Go ahead right away. Don’t wait for things to become worse.

A police complaint can be a formal warning but still keep an eye on the offender. If things persist and they are doing on purpose then contact animal rights activist.

Never have a verbal abusive fight. Remember, the offenders will charge against street dogs to take revenge. They will suffer so make sure you have a secret video recorder app on your mobile where you can record conversations etc. We need evidence.

Any animals in pain or sick and needs help, accident cases or if you need any help with deep wounds make sure you call and inform the local animal shelter. Wait till they come and look at the situation and keep a track by visiting the local animal shelter and make sure the dog is back in the same vicinity, once he is in good health.