Bittu moves to the animal centre


It has been three days and finally I was able to get hold of my street gal Bittu. She has been a mother twice and has lost all her pups. So this time I had to somehow pick her up and leave her at the centre for sterilisation.

She was a bit tense as I carried her to put her into the narrow public transport known as the ‘Rickshaw’ here.

She was calm as I made her to sit close to me, so till we reached the sterilisation centre she was quite as I kept pacifying her. She will be operated and then by Friday or Saturday I will go and get her back and release her near my vicinity, where she belongs. Some photos of her as I managed to click Bittu while travelling and once she was put in the cage No 46, I clicked her, although the animal centre has a protocol that no photos should be clicked.

Here, she was calm and quiet and I am sure she will be fine, a sweet gal that she is, and I wait till she is ready to be taken back home.

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