Sweety is sick and wounded

Yesterday, I got a message with some photos of Sweety that she was very sick and was not moving. At 5 pm I rushed to my old vicinity where I previously lived. I called out for Sweety and with all her strength she came running to me. I gave her medicine for fever and had already taken some home made boiled chicken pieces which she ate happily and I shared the same with Tina and Whitey. When I saw this pic of Sweety on my Whatsapp number, I was shocked as what on earth had happened to this beautiful gal. She had a wound on her hip and has not been eating since a week! I rushed to Dr. Dighe and he prescribed some medications for Sweety and I rushed back again post 9pm to feed Sweety, Tina and Whitey with some home cooked rice and chicken. Sweety was looking much better but later I learnt about a deep wound on her right hip and paw, which is very painful. I will continue to give her medications as prescribed by Dr.Dighe for another 5 days. I hope she recovers fully. She just needs some attention and food. I will be […]

Gundi’s Blood report

Vet Prasad did visit me on 26/05/2018 Saturday morning at 10 am and collected Gundis blood. By late evening I received the report on WhatsApp and will receive the hard copy today or tomorrow. The report shows Gundi has to be worked upon her blood count and palates but I will have to meet Dr.Dighe to get a better understanding of the report. Attached below is Gundi’s blood report. Once I get the hard copy I would be meeting Dr.Dighe to follow his advise and prescription for Gundi. Gundi has been a mother twice and out of 9 pups 5 have grown up and the second time all her pups have died, except Caesar who was run over by some vehicle some how is very much alive and living a dogs life. Caesar, here at Dr. Dighe’s clinic when he was run over by some vehicle and had a swollen leg. Fortunately, it was not a fracture and he recovered within 3 days and is doing good. Somehow, I want to get Gundi sterilised once she is good health wise.  

Simi passes away

Today morning I learnt she had been run over by a vehicle and was dead lying on the road. I went to see her and clicked her photo and a short video and with a heavy heart walked away. In some time the government garbage van would come and take her dead body away. Every night we would meet and she would wait for me and watch me even though we were 10 apartment buildings away. Every single night post 8 pm I would meet her and offer her and her friends food or biscuits or some treat but I always made sure I visited her and never missed a day. Such short life they have and living on the streets is not safe. I miss her and will always do as she was such a sweet gal, beautiful light brown eyes with black outlined as though she wore an eyeliner. R.I.P Simi. Meet you someday at the rainbow bridge and then we can play a lot together again!

Gundi comes home

Today, at 4 pm I picked up Gundi from the animal centre as they said she could not be operated (sterilised). They did give her anesthesia and her heart beat was faster than normal and she started breathing faster, hence the vet let her go. The animal centre advised me to take a blood test. I guess its something to do with her blood count. Gundi, has been a mother twice and the second time (5 months ago) she has lost all her pups and only one male pup exists) I dont really want her to go through the pain again of seeing all her pups dying, lack of food, human abuse and the hard life they go through. I do have a visiting vet Dr. Prasad whom I will speak to tomorrow morning and he collects the blood sample and gives the report. I can take the next step only once I know whats in the report. Till then Gundi is happy to be back home in our apartment premises and get fresh air and home food. She has lost weight as the animal centre is a depressing place with so many wounded stray dogs, various scents and constant […]

Caesar gets run over

Caesar’s leg was swollen and he could not sit nor walk. At 8 pm after having a word with Dr. Dighe the best vet here in vasai west, I hired a rickshaw and carried Caesar, Gundis son to the clinic. There was a queue already and my number was 6. Dr. Dighe came by 8:30 pm and later quickly examined Caesar’s leg as he was run over by some vehicle by some careless person. However Dr. Dighe after a thorough examination said that it was not a fracture and that the leg was swollen so he gave Caesar 2 injections and prescribed a tablet named Lasix, which i will buy tomorrow as I reached home at 10:30 pm and left Caesar at my building apartment premises. He was soon greeted by his mom Gundi and his siblings. I rushed upstairs as I had to come down and feed my fur team who was desperately waiting for dinner. The pup Caesar has been walking around and after the injection he looks much better, I guess he has got much relief from the pain. He was happy and started jumping when I got him his dinner of boiled chicken and rice, he […]

Gundis’ male pup passes away

The male pup suddenly fell sick and according to my observation it was some liver issues/jaundice but although I managed to give him a pill at night, he was not available for dinner. Gundi’s male pup passed away today morning. I saw him from my living room window, at 7 am lying motionless near the water tub I had installed. I was expecting it, still I had a little ray of hope that he would survive but sadly, when I reached down below my apartment building premises, the garbage man was asked to pick the lifeless body. However, I went down as usual to give the remaining pups their breakfast of milk and bread around 8:15 am. The female pup was crying, telling me of what had happened and I spoke to the pup, telling her to calm down and that everything would be okay. He was healthy and very playful but being a 4 month old and most pups don’t survive because of their weak immune system and the garbage they eat all day or starve.  Gundi’s mother and the other 2 pups all were quiet. It is sad and I cannot describe in words what a mother feels […]

Bittu moves to the animal centre

28/04/2018 It has been three days and finally I was able to get hold of my street gal Bittu. She has been a mother twice and has lost all her pups. So this time I had to somehow pick her up and leave her at the centre for sterilisation. She was a bit tense as I carried her to put her into the narrow public transport known as the ‘Rickshaw’ here. She was calm as I made her to sit close to me, so till we reached the sterilisation centre she was quite as I kept pacifying her. She will be operated and then by Friday or Saturday I will go and get her back and release her near my vicinity, where she belongs. Some photos of her as I managed to click Bittu while travelling and once she was put in the cage No 46, I clicked her, although the animal centre has a protocol that no photos should be clicked. Here, she was calm and quiet and I am sure she will be fine, a sweet gal that she is, and I wait till she is ready to be taken back home.

Abandoned dog adopter terrorized

For the sake of privacy I cannot post the dogs pic and the names of all involved here are changed. Month : March 2018 A male lab was abandoned by their careless owners after 2 years. For 8 days Bruno was crying. He was frequently chased and harassed by other street dogs but with great difficulty a few dog lovers took care of him and for the night somehow kept him safe at an aunts house. On the same night when Bruno was abandoned by his first owners ( whom I knew and are known as careless dog owners who previously left an Indian pup with jaundice to die), I was informed by the locals and I sprang into action, sending Bruno’s photos to all my contacts as Bruno wanted a home. It is very difficult to get a home for an adult dog that too who is 2 years old and left out grieving. It was gods grace that a genuine family, 40 km away called me and took the final decision to adopt Bruno. The adopter Mark came all the way driving and reached at 9 pm. The previous owners came to know that Bruno was going to […]

Monsoon Season my greatest enemy

Come June and by mid or end June we have heavy rainfall. Rain for 5 months. Its the monsoon period that breaks my heart and seriously I wish I had a place to give shelter to many. These poor dogs are wet living in open places with continuous rain flooded roads, shivering all through the day and night, no dry place to sit as its humans who drive them away. People don’t understand that when these dogs are wet, they smell as there is no one to wipe them dry. Many fall sick, get fever, and the pups don’t survive. Sadly, they are the first ones to go. Its lack of space that breaks my heart as we see one by one slowly passing and saying goodbye. No foster homes here, except paid ones that are too steep. Feeding dogs in the monsoons is the biggest challenge, without volunteers and without any helpers it becomes very difficult not only to carry water and food but there is no shelter. It rains like crazy and the dogs wait for their food. If it starts raining they have no option to get wet and sadly wait or take refuge under a big […]

Rag pickers a big nuisance

Its post 10 pm and most people come tired from work and watch some television with their families, have dinner and off to sleep. Another day to wake up early, and travel 2 hours to work and so on and so forth, the cycle continues. It is midnight, post 12 am and I hear nearly 30 dogs barking starting from far away. I come to my living room window, suspecting it to be some man who is insane or some unknown person walking the streets. Its the rag pickers. These are a group of 3 to 4 boys taking turns to visit post midnight and scramble through the garbage bins of each apartment building premises that keeps their garbage bins just outside the main gate. These rag pickers come midnight and when they come the dogs start barking for an hour or two. Now, you may ask what are the security people doing? They are sleeping. Snoring to glory. Each apartment building has a security for morning and night. The night security closes the gates and post 11 pm is fast asleep. It used to be a nuisance before in my vicinity that every night or early morning these same […]