Dos & Don’ts

For Street Dog Carers/Feeders/Volunteers/Owners :

Feed street dogs near your premises, outside the main gate or in some corner, a place for regular feeding. Once done, make sure you clean up the place. Do not litter or leave any garbage behind.

You can install a cement water bowl or a plastic bowl that holds at least 5 to 10 liters of water within your society premises or outside the main gate. The cement bowl can be stuck on the ground with a little cement and the plastic bowls can be tied with a wire and make sure water is refilled everyday and the bowls kept clean.

If you want to feed other street dogs near other residential premises then make sure you take the dogs in a corner and not feed them in front of other peoples main gates or shops or shop pavements, a busy main lane that leads to the entrance as this may annoy people and they might come against you. In heated exchange of words they might hurt street animals. Make sure you call the dogs to a corner of a street and feed them and again, please do not leave garbage behind. Bits of paper, plastic, paper plates whatever, clean it up.

You can feed street dogs in plastic trays, bowls or if you are using newspapers or paper plates make sure you pick them up and throw it in the garbage bin.

The most important – If anyone stands against you, don’t get into a verbal fight and even if it does happen, don’t abuse as the people around you can use it against you. Be calm and explain to them. If they harass or manhandle then you have to take action but at the same time you need to have video or audio recordings or witnesses.

Dog Owners –

If you ever come in a situation where you have to give away your pets due to financial or health issues, do seek a loving home for them, don’t abandon them. Please.

Don’t walk your dogs post 9:30/10 pm at other peoples residential premises. If you do have to walk your dog that late for whatever reasons, keep him/her nearby.

Always carry a stick to ward of other dogs but do not tease street dogs as they are always in a pack and can attack your dog within seconds and you may not be able to handle and may land up in a state of shock or you may panic.

Every apartment building has dogs and when you walk your dog late night, the street dogs keep barking. This can invite trouble for street dogs, you might take a walk but people trying to get some sleep may remove their anger on the street dogs near their apartment building. They suffer because of your lack of organizing your time and your lack of being considerate to other people’s need. Please understand this, it is very important.

If you walk your dog at other people’s residential lanes then be sure to pick up the exclusive poop designs that your dog leaves behind 🙂 Please carry a dog poop picker or plastic bags or multiple tissues. It is your responsibility not to leave the poop in other people’s door. Would you like anyone doing the same? Then why give others a chance to speak?

Dog owners, you will be a witness to many street dogs barking at your dog and may even land up fighting. The best way is to make friends with them by popping up some MarieGold biscuits and when you do this the street dogs will not feel threatened and in fact will become friendly.

Many owners who have dogs and who bark a lot, please train your dog to shut up. It is natural for a dog to bark but if a dog is barking continuously for 10 mins, dog owners please use your common sense and use the muzzle to train your dog to stay quiet.

Excessive barking is a nuisance to people living in apartment building premises and this also encourages more hatred for street dogs in the vicinity. Your dog is safe in your home as you have a mouth to speak up for your pet dog, but what about the street dogs who face physical abuse everyday and have no one to speak up for them? Street dogs suffer due to the constant barking of pet dogs and their careless owners who do nothing about it.

Dog owners may not mind their dogs barking. It’s okay if you are living on a farm but when you live in an apartment building you have to consider this and muzzle your dog for 5 mins, every time he barks without reasons and for longer duration.

A dog barks when he is bored and is super excited and wants to jump and play around or the slightest view of another dog playing outside may excite him. Make sure your pet dog is taken for regular walks and fresh air but also be considerate to street animals. Remember, the personality of your dog, no matter whether its a breed or not, it makes a lot of difference to the people living around you as NOT everyone is a dog lover. Remember this!