Gundi comes home

Today, at 4 pm I picked up Gundi from the animal centre as they said she could not be operated (sterilised).

They did give her anesthesia and her heart beat was faster than normal and she started breathing faster, hence the vet let her go. The animal centre advised me to take a blood test. I guess its something to do with her blood count.

Gundi, has been a mother twice and the second time (5 months ago) she has lost all her pups and only one male pup exists) I dont really want her to go through the pain again of seeing all her pups dying, lack of food, human abuse and the hard life they go through.

I do have a visiting vet Dr. Prasad whom I will speak to tomorrow morning and he collects the blood sample and gives the report.

I can take the next step only once I know whats in the report. Till then Gundi is happy to be back home in our apartment premises and get fresh air and home food.

She has lost weight as the animal centre is a depressing place with so many wounded stray dogs, various scents and constant crying of some dogs.

I am glad she is back, under my care.

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