Gundis’ male pup passes away

The male pup suddenly fell sick and according to my observation it was some liver issues/jaundice but although I managed to give him a pill at night, he was not available for dinner.

Gundi’s male pup passed away today morning. I saw him from my living room window, at 7 am lying motionless near the water tub I had installed. I was expecting it, still I had a little ray of hope that he would survive but sadly, when I reached down below my apartment building premises, the garbage man was asked to pick the lifeless body. However, I went down as usual to give the remaining pups their breakfast of milk and bread around 8:15 am. The female pup was crying, telling me of what had happened and I spoke to the pup, telling her to calm down and that everything would be okay.

He was healthy and very playful but being a 4 month old and most pups don’t survive because of their weak immune system and the garbage they eat all day or starve. 

Gundi’s mother and the other 2 pups all were quiet. It is sad and I cannot describe in words what a mother feels when she sees her pups fall sick or dying one by one I guess only mother’s would know. 

Now, 2 pups remain. One male and one female.

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