Monsoon Season my greatest enemy

Come June and by mid or end June we have heavy rainfall. Rain for 5 months.

Its the monsoon period that breaks my heart and seriously I wish I had a place to give shelter to many. These poor dogs are wet living in open places with continuous rain flooded roads, shivering all through the day and night, no dry place to sit as its humans who drive them away.

People don’t understand that when these dogs are wet, they smell as there is no one to wipe them dry. Many fall sick, get fever, and the pups don’t survive. Sadly, they are the first ones to go. Its lack of space that breaks my heart as we see one by one slowly passing and saying goodbye. No foster homes here, except paid ones that are too steep.

Feeding dogs in the monsoons is the biggest challenge, without volunteers and without any helpers it becomes very difficult not only to carry water and food but there is no shelter. It rains like crazy and the dogs wait for their food. If it starts raining they have no option to get wet and sadly wait or take refuge under a big tree, shop sheds, wherever dry place and wait for their vicinity feeder to arrive. In case the dogs are blessed to have a dog feeder in their area, if not then its another cold wet cruel night and even though hungry, what can they do? Where can they search for food? Whom can they tell about it? Who cares?

Dogs are driven from everywhere. Shopkeepers drive them away, apartment premises don’t want them. These dogs sit and sleep on open land with garbage and grass. Some within the apartment premises if they are lucky, where they are a bit covered. The thunder and lightening and continuous rains does not turn away those poor dogs from waiting for food nor us where we have committed to feed them each day.

I don’t want my dogs to sleep hungry because I know what it is to be without food, to sleep hungry and to be deprived of the basic, food and water. I have gone through pain, I know what it is and I would not want them or anybody else go through it too.

I encourage you to take care of the street animals near you and get them sterilized.

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  1. Hi Lavina,
    Thank you that you love what I do.
    However, I did visit your website and love the weekly rentals. I hope someday I am able to visit and hang out there, meet ya for a hot cuppa coffee 🙂 Cheers.

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