Rag pickers a big nuisance

Its post 10 pm and most people come tired from work and watch some television with their families, have dinner and off to sleep. Another day to wake up early, and travel 2 hours to work and so on and so forth, the cycle continues.

It is midnight, post 12 am and I hear nearly 30 dogs barking starting from far away. I come to my living room window, suspecting it to be some man who is insane or some unknown person walking the streets. Its the rag pickers. These are a group of 3 to 4 boys taking turns to visit post midnight and scramble through the garbage bins of each apartment building premises that keeps their garbage bins just outside the main gate.

These rag pickers come midnight and when they come the dogs start barking for an hour or two. Now, you may ask what are the security people doing? They are sleeping. Snoring to glory. Each apartment building has a security for morning and night. The night security closes the gates and post 11 pm is fast asleep.

It used to be a nuisance before in my vicinity that every night or early morning these same rag pickers used to come and disturb the entire 4 lanes. It is because of these boys that the street animals get pelted and poisoned. When people get disturbed from their sleep, they have only one thing in mind, poison them.

On two occasions I got down midnight at 2 am and the second time at 1 am and caught the boys and gave them a warning not to come and roam around in this vicinity or anywhere else. I had to take action as even the apartment where I live the security guy is fast asleep. Even if drunkards walk in, no one has a clue.

I went down with a stick, a chain and my mobile. In case if I am assaulted or if I have to defend myself. These boys are hardly 13 to 16 years and juvenile sort of. Into smoking, drinking and then at night when they don’t get sleep they wander around running on the roads and even teasing dogs and only harassing them.

As for now it is 2 months I have not witnessed any garbage pickers but a mad man keeps roaming the streets and when he comes again its the same story. People get hostile towards these creatures who cannot defend or talk for themselves.

Had I not taken the decision to get down and confront those 3 teenagers, the same would have continued. Imagine dogs, nearly 30 dogs barking for an hour or two and what a disturbance it is!


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