Simi passes away

Today morning I learnt she had been run over by a vehicle and was dead lying on the road. I went to see her and clicked her photo and a short video and with a heavy heart walked away. In some time the government garbage van would come and take her dead body away.

Every night we would meet and she would wait for me and watch me even though we were 10 apartment buildings away. Every single night post 8 pm I would meet her and offer her and her friends food or biscuits or some treat but I always made sure I visited her and never missed a day.

Such short life they have and living on the streets is not safe. I miss her and will always do as she was such a sweet gal, beautiful light brown eyes with black outlined as though she wore an eyeliner.

R.I.P Simi. Meet you someday at the rainbow bridge and then we can play a lot together again!

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