Sweety is sick and wounded

Yesterday, I got a message with some photos of Sweety that she was very sick and was not moving. At 5 pm I rushed to my old vicinity where I previously lived. I called out for Sweety and with all her strength she came running to me. I gave her medicine for fever and had already taken some home made boiled chicken pieces which she ate happily and I shared the same with Tina and Whitey.

When I saw this pic of Sweety on my Whatsapp number, I was shocked as what on earth had happened to this beautiful gal. She had a wound on her hip and has not been eating since a week!

I rushed to Dr. Dighe and he prescribed some medications for Sweety and I rushed back again post 9pm to feed Sweety, Tina and Whitey with some home cooked rice and chicken. Sweety was looking much better but later I learnt about a deep wound on her right hip and paw, which is very painful. I will continue to give her medications as prescribed by Dr.Dighe for another 5 days. I hope she recovers fully. She just needs some attention and food.

I will be deworming her and getting all 3 dogs vaccinated once Sweety gets well soon.



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